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Commercial LED Lighting

We Provide LED Lighting Solutions

Mission statement

Electric utility bills are a never ending cost of operating a business. West Texas Power Company helps our customers reduce their monthly electric bill. We provide engineered commercial LED lighting systems to minimize electricity usage, reducing the monthly electric bill, and significantly improving the quality of light

Company Story

West Texas Power Company, LLC. (WTPC) was founded in 2012 to provide products and services to businesses to minimize their electric consumption and monthly electric bill. Initially we offered multiple methods and products to achieve these savings. We participated with electric utilities who offer incentives to businesses for energy efficiency modifications to their property. 


These programs pay incentive money to offset the cost of energy efficiency projects that a business executes. Through our experience we discovered that the lighting systems of a business is a large part of their monthly electric bill, up to 40%. We concluded that the best opportunity for businesses to significantly reduce their monthly electric bill is to convert their lighting to LED lighting.

We provide engineered LED lighting systems to maximize the energy savings and maximize the utility incentive payment.


  • The best energy savings opportunity for a business is usually in their lighting.

  • The most efficient lighting system available today is LED lighting.

It Is All About Saving $$$